KLR Low Profile Magnetic Drain Plug

KLR Low Profile Magnetic Drain Plug
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Our new Low Profile Magnetic Drain Plug for the Kawasaki KLR 650 solves two problems simultaneously.
First problem: the stock drain plug is vulnerable from attack from below.
If this happens it can ruin your whole day (see "Sad Tale" below)!
Even our Aluminum Skid Plate can't protect the stocker under the right circumstances.
Second problem: how to corral all of those loose metal shavings being pumped around in your engine.
There are always some particles that don't get caught by the oil filter.
The next time you change your oil after installing our drain plug you'll see what we mean!
Sad tale...
True story.
A customer of ours was on a long anticipated motorcycle tour riding a rented KLR 650.
He nailed a very large, very stationary rock with the drain plug.
Rock harder than drain plug!!!
Drain plug torn clean off.
Cases shattered.
Oil gushing out onto the trail.
Oh no. Vacation over.
Don't let this be you.
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