Farkle Masters Philips HID Driving Light Kit

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Our Philips HID lights are the ultimate driving lights for your bike.
We realize some of you might think the price for these lights is excessive, but the light that shines from these lights is excessive!
Consider this scenario:
Your riding down a sparsely traveled dark road in the country at a moderate pace.
There is a deer grazing on the side of the road (you cant see it yet) and it decides to run across your path leaving you no time to react.
These lights will more than double your nighttime visual range, buying you valuable reaction time that could save your life.
I'm sure I could ask those of you who have had accidents and injuries from road hazards, how much would you have paid to avoid that accident?
I'd bet the answer would be well over the cost of these lights!
Motorcycle body parts are expensive and human body parts hurt!
So, don't wait for that to happen!
Buy these lights because they are the right tool for the job.
HID lamps cover a bigger area and draw MUCH less current than tradition non-HID lamps leaving you with power in reserve for comforts such as heated motorcycle grips, heated motorcycle clothes, or one of our heated motorcycle seats.
They are well made and are easy to adapt to your motorcycle or you can buy our optional wiring harness to make it even easier to adapt to any motorcycle.
All you will need are the brackets for your application.
Order now!

This kit includes two complete lights but does NOT come with a harness.
Harness is sold separately if desired.

As of 6/16/08 we are fully stocked.

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