Rain Off Gloves 2-2

Rain Off Gloves 2-2
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Five Sizes. {IMPORTANT. Please measure your hand with reference to the hand image above for an accurate size. Below is a basic guide only}.
X S - Fit small to average women riders. Hand size - 140mm to 160mm. {5 1/2 inches to 6 1/4 inches}.
SMALL - Fit riders under 5'8 {ish}. Hand size - 160mm to 180mm. {6 1/4 inches to 7 inches}.
MEDIUM - Fit riders 5'8 to 5'10 {ish}. Hand size - 180mm to 200mm, {7 inches to 8 inches}.
LARGE - Fit riders 5'10 to 6ft {ish}. Hand size - 200mm to 220mm. {8 inches to 8 3/4 inches}.
X L - Some riders have huge hands & long fingers. Hand size 220mm or larger. {8 3/4 inches or larger}.

To expedite your order if paying with PayPal, PLEASE add the size you would like in the comments section.
PayPal omits this info from what they send us.
We don't know why but they do. Thanks.


The five sizes and measurements we have listed above are listed presuming that most riders ordering overgloves will be wearing 'thicker' winter weight M/C gloves at some stage of the year.What we don't want is for riders to order the next size down, then be squeezing a winter weight M/C glove into the overglove.This will create 'compression' on the hand which can be uncomfortable and will also be bad for the overglove.

If there is anything more you wish to discuss with us please e-mail us at Info@FarkleMasters.com,and we will give you a comprehensive and quick reply.

The Rain-Off 1-3 glove has the fingers split with the index finger being alone and separate from the middle, ring and pinkie which are together.

The Rain-Off 2-2 glove has the fingers split with the index and middle fingers together and separate from the ring and pinkie which are together.

Snipped from Rain-Off's website.
It doesn't matter what part of the motor-cycling fraternity you're from, NOBODY likes cold wet hands.
RAIN-OFF overgloves are made, designed, extensively tested in "first world" New Zealand.
Getting wet hands is a misery, "it only takes 10 minutes of solid rain to soak most and dampen all leather gloves" and even when it stopped raining my gloves stayed wet well into the next day.
I've tried different pairs of gloves over the years but sooner or later when exposed to wet weather they all become sodden and miserable.
Even the new so called "waterproof" gloves with liners let the wet in, and wet means cold.
It doesn't have to rain to get damp cold hands either - fog or even moisture in the air on a fine day will draw in the damp and cold.
To make a glove that is truly 100% waterproof, it needs to be made from tough 100% waterproof material that has welded seams.
Not stitched - this is what we have developed with the "RAIN-OFF" overgloves.
These overgloves work.
To prove their "Genuinely100% Waterproof" I had an overglove hanging upside down filled with water for two days at the "Cold Kiwi" motor-cycle rally {a winter motor-cycle rally in the coldest central part of the North Island}.
If water can't get out it won't get in so this should prove to the many skeptical inquiries I have had about my 100% claim.
They simply can't leak!
The M/C glove market has many false claimants to the "waterproof" title {beware of gloves titled "water resistant" or "weather proof"......they don't work.......not riding a motor-cycle in the rain at speed anyway} so I can fully understand this skeptical attitude.
When developing these overgloves I had many different variations in different materials that I tested and rejected.
I first started with a five finger overglove that had to be the size of a baseball glove in order to take a wide range of sized gloves, on this version the material "bunched" badly and they were too clumsy, so I've refined from there.
Mitts are best for warmth, keeping fingers together, but too restrictive for motorcycle riding.
So I surveyed riders and found most rode subconsciously with one finger resting on both clutch and brake levers {whether or not they used one finger in operation}.
So this was my main reason for the index finger free in the mitt design, not to mention lifting visors, operating keys, undoing zips etc.
I have also tested these overgloves extensively, wearing them every time I rode my bike {every day}, with trips to Whangarei, Tauranga, New Plymouth and Hamilton, plus all the many km's running around Auckland {at least 60 km's per day} rain, hail or shine for three and a half months continuously.
The only reason I stopped the trial was the overgloves were wearing perfectly and they were becoming too uncomfortable on fine hot days as spring progressed.
My partner's trial lasted six weeks - she also rides every day.
I estimate my trial time equates to two years wet weather riding for the average rider.
SIZING - There are five sized overgloves {See Order Page for hand size information}.
They come in one color only - dark navy blue-black.

Quality Control.
These overgloves are made by us "avid motor-cyclists" here in 'First World' New Zealand.
Therefore, each pair is quality checked more than once before being sent to the customer.
Why not made in Asia like everything else? Simple.
Quality Control.
Too much heat on the welded seam weakens the waterproof coating either side of the weld causing it to split on the curves.
Not enough heat in the weld weakens the actual welded seam it's self causing 'delamination' and leaking.
It's got to be right.
I need to control this to make sure it's done correctly to avoid the early test problems mentioned above.

This is an overview of our product:
You will find minimal loss of feeling {if any} riding with a pair of these overgloves as there is no "compression" of your hand, unlike some bulky claimed waterproof gloves with liners.
And you will notice a strange snug warm sensation disassociated with wet weather motor-cycle riding.
They are essential for the serious all condition motor-cycle rider, whether touring or commuting.
They will also keep your hands "Up to 50% warmer" due to the fact they are excellent windbreakers and "genuinely 100% waterproof" quickly returning value for money.
They also come with a 12 month warranty for any manufacturing defects.
* 100% waterproof. Welded seams make these overgloves 100% waterproof. They simply can't leak!
* Up to 50% warmer - They make excellent windbreakers keeping M/C gloves at higher air temperatures. Great for extra warmth in fine cold weather.
* Light weight - Made from strong flexible polyester. Minimal loss of feeling in fingers if any.
* Index finger free - Designed with index finger free to operate brake-clutch levers, zips, keys & lifting visors etc.
* Favorite gloves - You can still wear your favorite gloves in wet weather, but be completely warm & dry with Rain-off overgloves.
* Last longer - your leather gloves will last longer with no exposure to wet weather.
* Pack up small - Rolled up these overgloves are pocket sized.
* Rain-Off Overgloves - worn over all waterproof Motor Cycle gloves now makes them 100% waterproof.
* More wet weather riding - You'll do more wet weather riding now the most difficult part of the body to keep comfortable in wet weather riding is warm & dry.
* Rain-off''s - Made with elastic and toggle buttons to pull the gauntlels tight against the arm keeping the wet from running into your gloves.
* Gauntlet hand inlets - designed with gauntlets to cover the longest gloves. Therefore keeping cold wind & rain from entering up sleeves.
* More economical - than spending $$$'s on expensive {possibly}waterproof gloves.
* Visor friendly - You can wipe your visor absolutely clear with no scratching or annoying smearing and smudging..

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