Heat Troller Warm & Safe Heated Liner S-XXL

Heat Troller Warm & Safe Heated Liner S-XXL
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Heated Jacket Liner InformationHeated Clothing designed by motorcyclists. THEY ARE HERE!!! Our heated liners are designed by bikers for bikers. Remember, we have been riding in this design for about 8 years so it is not surprising that some of the ideas like the zippered plug pocket and the spandex panels have been copied. We don't have to copy, we are the innovators! So here are some of the features. Any suggestions on how to make this information more clear, is welcome.Women! One thing to think about before buying our heated clothing. We are coming out with women's cut and sizing heated clothing in a few more weeks. It may be worth the wait for 1 month.1. The Warm & Safe Heated Liner Jackets are made to be light, thin and body fitting using non-coated Nylon Taffeta, with Polartek Fleece at the neck, which is also heated, providing comfort while free of moisture. The non-coated material allows the liner to breath and moisture to get out. The Polartek Fleece keeps the wet from rain away from your neck. Others use coated fabric because it comes in from china cheap and what do they care. They don't ride anyway. There is heat in the sleeves, in the front, in the lower back, in the upper back and in the neck.2. Zippered pockets for your hands and plugs including the pants plug and the plugs on the sleeves for the gloves. Yes, we have been doing that for 8 years! Even with the gloves, you won't have wires just wiggling around. 3. Because of an ingenious design, we have made each liner capable of running with either a single or dual heat-troller.4. Every Warm & Safe Liner comes with a stowing pouch so that you can pack it away using minimal space when not in use. 5. Since we developed the use of the DC Coax Power Plug and Jack for heated clothing, ALL Warm & Safe Heated Clothing use our designed connectors that while smaller are plug compatible with others on the market.6. And they are warm! The Men's Heated Liner Jacket produces 100 Watts of heat with a draw of 8A at 12.8v. The Women's Heated Liner Jacket produces 92 Watts of heat with a draw of 7.5A at 12.8v. WARRANTEE!! This product is warranted to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of one year. Manufacturing defects in the electronics are guaranteed for the life of the garment. Heat-troller purchased with OUR liners and used only with OUR liners are guaranteed for 5 years!There are other neat features to our Warm & Safe Heated Liner and Vest that will please you and make sure you stay warm when cold and not when it warms up outside.

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